Wichita Falls Independent School District Career Education Center

Wichita Falls, Texas

Case Study

KI Furniture Promotes Flexible and Project-Centered Learning

Wichita Falls Independent School District (WFISD) serves the North Texas community of Wichita Falls and operates 29 campuses, including three high schools. High school students from across the district are also served by the new, $28 million Career Education Center (CEC). It offers 26 different career pathways - from healthcare to welding - leading students to post-secondary training.

The new CEC features industrial spaces with high-ceiling laboratories and workspaces, and a wing that is home to non-industrial career pathways. With such a wide variety of career pathways offered, furnishings and spaces needed to support maximum flexibility.

We've created a highly flexible and comfortable center where students are respectful of the spaces, but also appreciate the freedom to just hang out.

– Michelle Wood, Career Education Center Coordinator

"We feature project-centered learning where students and teachers can move as needed to explore real-world challenges," explained Michelle Wood, CEC coordinator. "KI's furniture solutions give classes the flexibility to manipulate learning arrangements, as well as the freedom to move and change any of our spaces as our community and workforce needs change, and new curriculum is introduced in response to those changes."

Such adaptability is evident throughout the center. Computer labs offer optimum sit-stand versatility with Trellis power and data systems and Toggle adjustable tables.

A wide variety of KI furniture – from nesting Pirouette tables to Ruckus and Learn2 collections – supports the center’s optimum flexibility needs. “From the stack-and-store easiness of the flipped tables, to having casters on just about everything, to keeping whiteboards anywhere collaboration can occur, KI products have helped us maintain project-centered learning as a high priority,” said Wood. Wood also noted the greater use of the various lounge areas by students and staff, thanks to highly popular Sway seating, Hub modular seating, and Isle Power Towers that promote mobility while staying connected. “It’s very common to see teachers taking students into public spaces as a way to facilitate greater collaboration.”

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