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'Employee First' Mentality is Good for Business
'Employee First' Mentality is Good for Business  The Philadelphia Inquirer | November 30, 2015

The newest generation of American workers is not content with just a job. The want a workplace that cares about them - and about the people beyond the four walls of the office.

Designing Hospital Public Spaces
Designing Hospital Public Spaces  Health Facilities Management | November 4, 2015

To respond to consumer needs, the public spaces of health facilities are being designed to encourage healthy behaviors and create a more comfortable environment for patients, visitors and staff.

A More Active Approach to Design Can Save Lives
A More Active Approach to Design Can Save Lives | November 4, 2015

Informed by the latest health and wellness research, the Active Design approach makes the workplace, well, more active. Increasing activity levels, even unwittingly, can boost employees' health.

American Students Need Room to Grow
American Students Need Room to Grow  Great Falls Tribune | October 16, 2015

American students need to hit the books. According to the latest international data, the United States ranks 24th among 34 developed countries in math and science achievement - well below countries like Slovenia, Vietnam, and the Czech Republic. 

Flipping for STEM
Flipping for STEM  College Planning & Management | January 28, 2015

The flipped classroom is hot news. But what does STEM have anything to do with it? And how should you be thinking about these engaged learning environments?