KI Life

Smart business is not just doing things right, it’s doing the right hiring the right people. We’ve cultivated a talented, diverse workforce that can relate to each other and to our customers around the globe.

Daily, we rely on our workforce to listen and learn...collaborate and create...invent and inspire. Together, we design contract furniture that people love, that supports the way they work, learn, relax and heal. And we have fun doing it.

If you strive for a work-life balance, then a career at KI is the right decision. We pride ourselves on creating a work environment that enables all employees to succeed. We offer in-depth training, education reimbursement programs and career development. Employees can also take advantage of health and wellness programs, an on-site workout center, celebrations hosted by the Fun Committee and more.

Considering a career move that includes relocation to Green Bay? Watch the video below to learn about Northeastern Wisconsin and see why this area ranks so highly for our quality of life, affordable cost of living and safety. 

North of What You Expect